Yoshihide Suga elected Prime Minister of Japan on 16th September

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About Selection of PM Yoshihide Suga:

Japan’s parliament on 16th September 2020 officially elected Yoshihide Suga as prime minister. Eight years later, Suga has become Japan’s new prime minister. Earlier, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his cabinet resigned. Suga is considered to be a staunch supporter of Ambe. Suga was elected as the party president in the lower house of parliament on Monday. This paved the way for Abe to succeed him. Ambe resigned last month due to health reasons.

He was the chief secretary in the previous cabinet. Abe’s loyalists Suga has no political background. His father was cultivating strawberries in the northern part of Akita State in Japan.

He made his way into politics. Shinzo Abe became Japan’s first prime minister between 2006 and 2007. Suga has been loyal to him ever since. Abe’s career came to an end due to poor health. After that, Suga helped Abe to get re-elected as Prime Minister in 2012.

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