Yiri Menzel dies at 82

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Life Journy of Yiri Menzel:

The cinematic expression movement is known as the ‘Czech New Wave’. Yiri Menzel, a key figure in the movement, passed away last Saturday at the age of 82.

Born in 1938, in the early days of World War II, Yiri Menzel inherited the tradition of narration from his father, who was a journalist by profession but also a travel writer. The first books of the 2nd International Evidence Award ‘Manakari. Prothom Books, a non-profit book for children, has been awarded the prestigious International Literacy Award by the Library of Congress in the United States. Books is the only organization in India among the five organizations in the world where this award has been announced. The announcement was made by Library of Congress Librarian Carla Hayden.

The Literacy Award was launched in 2013 by David Rubenstein. Book links and audio-visual books made available on an open digital platform

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