Writer Meena Deshpande dies in US

About Meena Deshpande:

Veteran writer Meena Deshpande passed away in the United States on Monday morning. She was 86 years old. Meena was the daughter of the late literary-journalist Acharya Atre.

Meena Deshpane’s Published Books:

Acharya Atre had written his autobiography ‘Kanheche Pani’ till 1960.

He has compiled a pictorial collection of selected excerpts from this autobiography and Atre’s own book ‘Mi kasa zhalo’ in his book ‘Mi asa zhalo’.

He has published a collection of essays titled ‘Pappa – An Epic’, a translated novel ‘Marilyn Monroe’, a collection of short stories ‘Ye Tarunya Yeh’ and ‘Ashrunche Naate’.

He edited the book ‘Acharya Atre Pratibha aur Pratima’. Meena’s novels ‘Mahasangram’ and ‘Hutatma’ have received state government awards.

The series has aired on the novel ‘Hutatma’. For some time, Meena also managed the Atre Theater. On the occasion of Atre’s birth centenary in 1998, the program ‘Hasu aani Asu’, conceived and directed by him.

Reference Used: Daily News Paper.

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