World Photography Day: 19 August 2020

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In 1826, Nisopher Apps created the world’s first still image with eight hours of exposure. Later, Louis Jacques Mand Daguer, a French scientist and painter, introduced the technique of copying on silver foil, and on August 19, 1839, with the help of the French government, his patent was opened to the public. So photography spread all over the world. August 19 is celebrated around the world as World Photography Day in honor of his work.

What is Toda’s camera?
Nowadays we use digital cameras i.e. mobile, DSLR, sophisticated cameras for photography. Photos are easily removed once the button is pressed. Sophisticated schemes like Auto Focus, Auto Exposure, ISO, Scene Detection, Electronic Flash, Different Lenses make photography very easy.

What is the structure of an old Camera?
Putting a film roll in the camera as before. Bulb to each flash
To change. Digital cameras no longer have the hassle of studying the light and setting it up. Once the camera is taken, take as many photos as you want and delete the ones you don’t want;

But the journey of photography to this day really started 181 years ago. In the fourteenth century, astronomical events as well as observations of stars began to increase in European countries. To keep records of lunar eclipses, solar eclipses, their subtle movements It started. Their main purpose was to predict the direction of the stars. But intense light events, such as solar eclipses, could not be seen with the naked eye, so the reflection of the eclipse fell into a dark room and began to be observed. Much research was done until the seventeenth century. The search continued until the nineteenth century. In 1819, Sir John Herschel discovered the chemical sodium thiosulfate. Which formed on the silver particles.

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