World Heritage Irrigation Structure Award 2020

The historic Dhamapur Lake in Malvan taluka of Sindhudurg district has been selected for the World Heritage Irrigation Structure Award 2020. 14 lakes from all over the world and 4 lakes from all over India have been selected for this award and the only Dhamapur lake from Maharashtra has been selected for this award.

Two sites from the state of Telangana in India have been shortlisted for the “World Heritage Irrigation Structure Award”. This year, three sites in Andhra Pradesh and Dhamapur Lake in Maharashtra have received this global honor. Details of Dhamapur Lake were submitted to the Central Water Commission on behalf of Syamantak Sanstha.

The award will be presented at Lake Dhamapur at ICID’s 71st International Executive Conference in Sydney, Australia. The selection has been announced by the International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage.

A total of 14 awards have been announced for heritage lakes around the world, with four from India, four from China, two from Iran, three from Japan and one from Korea. Dhamapur Lake is a beautiful place and Dhamapur Lake has become an excellent tourist destination due to its evergreen lush greenery, orchards and most importantly the historic Dhamapur Lake which is situated in the middle of the hills on both sides.

Reference: Air News

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