Where did this Binod come from? Who is Binod?

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There is one YouTube channel: Slayy point. Regarding this people are roasted with many things. Abhyudaya and Gautami are seen in it, who roast. After that people made a video. The title is why the Indian comment section is garbage. He also tells that people write anything in the comment box.

The comment of the man Binod Tharu showed that he wrote his own name Binod in the comment box. After that seven more people like this comment.
So the word Binod started flashing on YouTub comment box. The Joyful thing is that people look at any video or any topics video they also comment Binod.

In fact on twitter also Binod is famous. Now many WhatsApp group name was replaced with Binod. Also Paytm accept this trading name Binod. Now all where are Binod and Binod?

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