What is the Darkmatter?

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About Darkmatter:

Sitting in the sky on the night of the new moon satisfies your eyes with innumerable celestial treasures such as twinkling stars, shining planets, luminous galaxies.

What exactly is that black canvas?

This invisible celestial body, which holds so many suns and galaxies together, is known as ‘black matter’.

The New Havel telescope and Europe’s Very Large Telescope (VLT) captured a picture that will now reveal new information about black holes.

The invisible element that holds the galaxies together by its gravitational force is the dark matter, the element from which light does not emanate or pass through. Says. The more black matter, the higher the light banding, so that only a group of galaxies can act as a magnifying glass.

Study of galaxy clusters:

NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope has studied three galaxy clusters of a specific type. The study of black matter in the Didhika group has been done through a survey called The Frontier Field and Cluster Lensing and Supernova. Their behavior, density, mass, the velocity of departure, and results were studied with the help of gravitational lenses. While taking these observations, scientists saw a strange thing in the galaxy.

The image obtained by Hubble showed the existence of small dots. So the image seemed to be distorted. While this image of the galaxy obtained by Hubble was matched with the image obtained by the Earth’s ‘VLT’ telescope, scientists noticed a distinct difference.

The tiny dots that appeared in the cluster of galaxies were places with a high density of black matter. But according to the information available today, the density of black matter created ten times more gravity than it should have. Its direct effect was seen in the local ‘gravitational lensing’. This research has shed new light on the existence of black matter in the galaxy cluster.

Reference Used : Daily News Paper

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