What is Proning?

       Proning is the process of taking a deep breath while lying on your stomach.  This helps to compensate for the lack of oxygen in the body.

Useful for: 

This is very beneficial for covid patients who are in isolation at home and have difficulty breathing or have low oxygen levels.

When to use the method?

These methods should be used if the patient has difficulty breathing or if the oxygen level in his body is less than 94.
      This procedure can be effective if you do not have a ventilator.

Proniga results:

      Pronation means that sleeping in a special way can save many lives, this method is 80 percent effective.
This method, which improves respiratory function and oxygen levels, has been medically approved.

Proper Proning Methods:

      Should be used to sleep on the stomach during pronation.  One pillow under the neck, one or two pillows should be taken from the chest to the thighs and the legs should be placed on the other two pillows. A total of 4-5 pillows will thus be needed to sleep on the stomach.  And the person can decide how thick the pillow should be.
      It also tells you how to change your position every now and then.  Do not stay in the same position for more than 30 minutes and keep changing your position.

Pronig is not suitable for whom?

1) Proning should not be done if the patient is pregnant or has heart disease.

2) Everyone should sleep as long as they can.

3) Not sleep on your stomach immediately after eating.

4) Do During a 24 hour period you can do proning in different positions for 16 hours.

Reference Used : BBC Marathi

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