What is a quantum computer?

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About Quantum Computer:

Dr. Anshuman Kumar, Scientist, IIT, Mumbai
Since it is possible to control the quantum state using electric potential difference, it is technically possible to bring the quantum state to reality. It will be possible to remove this limit in the next three to four years.

What is Dr. Anshuman Kumar‘s research?

Nanochips, which are as thick as some atoms, develop a monolayer transition metal called dichlocenazide. Uniform formation of one or two atoms should avoid challenging global radiation. Anshuman Kumar is a scientist at IIT Mumbai.

Indian scientists have succeeded in finding a microscopic material that can operate at a normal temperature (Qbit) for the logic gate of a computer.

For example, in a computer, a quantum computerr has logic gates ‘cubits’. Hydraulic materials are used for the rapid calculation process in these calculations. Additional less means to maintain the conductivity of these substances.

What is a Cubit?

The basic unit of computation in current computers is bit. In which or 1 there are two such situations. The basic unit of a quantum computer is the qubit. Light rays behave together like a wave or a particle, a well-known theory of quantum physics. Both 0 and 1 can be used simultaneously in Cubit. That is, both phases can be assembled and performed. Which makes possible two positions of the qubit. Alternatively the calculation process is much faster.

Reference Used : E-Paper Sakal

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