What is Cyber Security?

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Cybercrime provisions and remedies

Everyone has an idea of ​​how the usual crimes or attacks happen. That is not the case with the cyber world. This means that the general public is aware of incidents such as a bank attack by a gang of criminals or a bomb attack by a terrorist organization. But the average person has no idea how cybercrime occurs using the Internet. The main reason for this is this
They have very little information about the context. Also, all this information is complex. So it becomes difficult to understand easily. This is why cybercriminals take unfair advantage of users. With the help of computers and the internet, human beings have achieved development. Paperless electronic technology in the 21st century
Are using. With this update, electronic data is transferred. Important information is in the form of e-documents and not on paper. In such transactions, computers, computer networks, electronic data storage, messaging systems, and other related devices are called cyber societies. The crimes that take place in this cyber society are called cyber crimes.

“Cyber ​​security is the protection of the computer system from unauthorized attacks or damage to the computer system by unauthorized elements.”

Cybercrime is just like traditional crime. It is done in cyberspace in electronic and computer environments. Crimes or offenses committed in computer fields are called cyber crimes or cybercrimes.
According to the National Cyber ​​Crime Reporting Portal, there are different

What is types of cybercrimes?
The first step in hacking is to breach the security of a computer, computer network, or website. Also, hacking is the act of altering, stealing or compromising a computer system.
Similarly in ‘cracking’
The security password is cracked.
Software piracy
This software is used illegally by copying the software. It is also called piracy. This software is called pirated software. There is also a risk of data loss due to pirated software. Personal information is obtained in cyberstalking. He is harassed by threats, e-mails, phone calls, and text messages.
In this crime, the person chatting deceives another by giving false information. Sometimes emails are sent to the user and get personal information from the people. When replying to this mail, the bank account number, the password is sent unknowingly. This information is misused. This is called ‘pishing’. Exactly the same
Child Pornography –
In the crime of ‘child pornography’, children are deceived and sent nasty videos. In this, by gaining the mail address of the children, by giving false information in the chat, they gain their trust. This is what everyone in society does by showing them nasty things through the mail. They deceive the child with such deceptive statements. They get immoral sex from him.

What is Cyber ​​Security?
There is a defense mechanism to protect against these criminals. This is called ‘Cyber ​​Security’. This protects hardware, software, and data. It also has a mechanism to keep data, documents, and files safe. Information Technology Rules – Section 66A of 2000 for spreading defamatory messages or spreading false information. Causing danger, defamation, or hatred to anyone. The offense carries a maximum sentence of three years imprisonment and a fine. Also, under Section 66C, stealing another’s password, using it without his permission, misusing digital signature and fingerprint is punishable by three years and punishment.
A fine of up to Rs one lakh can be imposed. So many clauses are included in this Act.

National Cyber ​​Security Policy: The National Cyber ​​Security Policy has been implemented in 2013. The CERT-in Cyber ​​Emergency Response Team-India enhances the security of India’s communications and information infrastructure. November 2012
Since then it has been called the National Cyber ​​Security Coordinator.
As a precaution against these criminals, offensive posts/comments on any leader, religion, or other sensitive issues should not be made on social media like Facebook, Twitter. It can also lead to punitive action. As well as financial transactions from a cyber cafe or from someone else’s computer
Not. Avoid visiting unfamiliar websites while searching for information. If you continue to post offensive posts with a fake ID, action will be taken if the person complains to the cyber department. You should only take one side copy when taking a photocopy of the debit/credit card. As well as those
It is necessary to check the security of the payment made through the website. Social media E-mail, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram account password changes regularly to maintain security
Helpline number – 155260

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