United Nation Report: Nitrogen Dioxide level is 70% in Delhi

New Delhi Nitrojan level
Image Source – Google| Image by – | Sumita Roy Dutta

During lock, down Nitrojan Dioxide levels are more than 70% in Delhi. According to the international association of the United Nation.

Nitrojan level in other countries :

China: 40%
USA: 19 to 40 %

Why is Nitrogen Dioxide harmful?

1. Nitrojan oxide converted into nitric acid and cause acid rain.

2. It’s also harmful to human health. Risk like cancer and other respiratory.

3. Reduce air quality

4. Combine with ammonia via particulate matter depletes ozone layer(stratospheric ozone).

Ground-level Ozone & Nitrogen Dioxide :

Stratosphere: 90%
Troposphere: 10%
The Ground-level ozone is created by a chemical reaction between organic compound and nitrogen oxides.

Reference: www.cnbctv18.com


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