Tribal Affairs Ministry signs agreement National Institute of Tribal Research IIPA

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What is the Agreement?

Agreement Sign by National Institute of Tribale Research IIPA and Tribal Affairs Ministry.

1.IIPA for setting up of National Institute of Tribal Research at the IIPA campus located in New Delhi.

2. Tribal Affairs Minister is the Arjun Munda.

3. The aim of this National Institute engaged in quality tribal research in collaboration with reputed government and non-government NGOs spread over the country.

About Ministry of Tribal Affairs:

1. Tribal Affairs Ministry founded in 1999.
2.Headquarters in New Delhi.
3.Annual Budget.
4.allocated under the Government of India (Allocation of Business) Rules, 1961.
5.Minister of Tribal Affairs: Arjun Munda

Work of Tribal Affairs Ministry:

1.Social Security and Social Insurance for Scheduled Tribes.
2. Working for Planning, research, projects, training for tribals.
3. Monitoring ST Welfare Grants. Based on the framework and mechanism by NIIT Ayog.

Reference Used: Air News

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