Travelling through the 1st Hyperloop in the USA

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The first human detachment made a successful voyage from the Hyperloop. At the Develop Test Facility in the United States. On the date of 9th November 2020.

Image Source: E-Paper Loksatta

Who are the first travellers in Hyperloop?

Josh Nigel, the co-founder of Virgin Hyperloop, chief technology officer, and Sarah Lucian, director of the travel experience, became the first travellers in the world to travel through the Hyperloop.

The second round of Hyperloop

Tanay Manjrekar, who travels through the hyperloop in the second round, is from Pune and will travel on Tuesday.

Used Technology in Hyperloop

The new XP-2 is built on a process of safety standards and is equipped with an up-to-date control system. The vehicle is designed by Biyaka Engels Group and will be a commercial vehicle with a capacity of 28 seats. The vehicle used for the test was of two passenger capacity.

What is hyperloop technology?

With the help of this technology, it was possible to travel through the air cavity by train like a metro. For this, tubes of specific shapes and sizes are made. Its boxes are like capsules. Heralds from rails made using magnetic technology.

Hyperloop Project Of India

The Pune Metropolitan Region Development Authority (PMRDA) will implement a hyperloop project between Pune and Mumbai.


E-Paper Loksatta

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