Thumbimahotsavam 2020 | Dragonfly Festival in Kerala

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This is a first-ever State Dragonfly Festival in Kerala. This festival is also known as Thumbimahotsavam. Also this year Kerala celebrate this festival.
Key Points :

  1. ‘Pantalu’ is the official mascot of the festival.
  2. This is also a part of the National Dragonfly Festival organized by WWF India.
  3. Bombay Natural Society and Indian Dragonfly Society is associated with the National Biodiversity Board, UN Environmental Programme, Un Development Programme, and UCN-CEC.
  4. This Dragonfly Festival started in the year of 2018.
  5. Reson of celebrating this festival is to educate and inform the public about the integral role that dragonflies.
  6. Also, their lesser-known sibling’s damselflies, play in our environment.

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