The indigenous ‘Hypersonic Technology Demonstrator Vehicle’ (HSTDV vehicle) Success: India

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The indigenous ‘Hypersonic Technology Demonstrator Vehicle’
(HSTDV Vehicle) Successfully tested, India on 8th September 2020. Tied with the US, Russia, and China. This performance will enable India to produce faster hypersonic cruise missiles than the most advanced ones. With this achievement, India has taken an unprecedented leap in missile technology.

HSTDV vehicles:

The HSTDV is based on a vehicle technology that is faster than the speed of sound and is developed by the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO). APJ Abdul Kalam from Odisha successfully took a leap into the used vehicle space from the launch complex. The test was conducted on Monday 07/09/2020 at 11:03 am. The HSTDV vehicle runs on a Scramjet engine. Many missiles use the RAM jet engine, but the Scramjet is a more advanced technology.

All components were found to be correct in the launch of the cruise vehicle. The Scramjet engine was monitored through several radars and electrical lighting equipment as well as telecommunication centers. This engine was found to perform well. The Scramjet engine has withstood high pressures and temperatures and its performance has been tested by ships deployed in the Bay of Bengal.

Key Points of Hypersonic Technology Demonstrator Vehicle:

  1. With the help of HSTDV technology, a missile can be fired at six times the speed of sound.

2. The successful test of this technology will enable India to develop missiles that can outwit the enemy’s defense system.

3. The HSTDV vehicle was flown. Indigenous ‘Scramjet’ technology instantly targets

4. With the help of HSTDV technology, long-range unmanned missiles can be launched from Scramjet vehicles.

5 At six times the speed of sound, they can penetrate targets in any part of the world in an hour.

6. Simple missiles use ballistic routes, he can detect the enemy. So they can knock down the enemy.

7. The enemy cannot know the path of unmanned missiles. So in an instant it takes a look at the target.

8. There are two types of unmanned missiles, one is unmanned cruise missile and the other is unmanned glide vehicle. Currently, the United States, China, and Russia have them.

Reference Used : E-Paper Loksatta

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