The Hong Kong Extradition Treaty hated with Canada, Australia, UK: China

China has accused the countries of interfering in it’s internal affairs and defended the security law. Hong Kong used a way of pro-democracy Protestants.
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China declares that the suspension of extradition treaties of hong Kong with Canada Britain and Australia. This announcement is held on 28 July 2020.

Important Points :

China has brought the suspension under the security law in Hong Kong. China gained control over external affairs and also the defense of Hong Kong. Because of the law.

After that Britain suspended its extradition treaty following to the countries of Australia and Canada. Now recently New Zealand country also an extradition treaty with China.

Extradition :

This is a cooperative law enforcement process. That depends on the arrangments made between the respective countries.

About India :

India hasn’t an extradition treaty with China. Not only this country but also Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Pakistan, and the Maldives. But India has extradition treaties with Canada, the USA, Britain, Australia, and Italy. The Indian government also agreement extradition treaties to sure the fugitive criminals are extradited to face trials in India.

Fugitive :

A person who flees the country to escape government arrest, non-governmental questioning, and refuses to return back. In the country of India Vijay Mally, Nirav Modi is an example. The enforcement Directorate is close to obtaining a fugitive economic offender tag for the arms dealer Sanjay Bhandari.

In this agreement, a fugitive shall be forced to leave the country where he has left.

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