The Bombay Blood group is a very rare blood group

Pankaj Gawde, a blood donor from Malvan in Sindhudurg district, is a very rare blood group.
Bombay Blood group.

How found this Blood group?

The blood donation camp organized by ASD86 Foundation Malvan and Sindhurat Mitra Pratishthan Sindhudurg in Malvan had revealed that Pankaj Gawde was a rare blood type. The Sawantwadi Blood Bank has also officially declared Pankaj as a Bombay Blood Group Blood Donor.

Importance of Bombay Blood Group

This blood type is extremely rare. It is found in only 0.004 per cent of the world’s population. That means only four people out of a population of one million belong to this blood group. This blood type belongs to the O blood type. But some of these factors are quite different. So it doesn’t even fit in the O-2 group. There are no positive or negative RH factors in this tum.

Why this Blood called Bombay

This blood type was called Bombay Blood Group after some researchers in Mumbai discovered it.


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