The Australian government has taken big steps against Facebook and Google

Facebook and Google

A media outlet in Australia will have to pay for the content of the news. The Australian government has instructed both companies to disclose their income from traditional media. Violation of these rules carries a hefty penalty.
The decision is also being viewed with a view to opening up avenues of income to the Australian media. The government has also released a draft code of conduct for this. Australia’s decision on the news will now force Facebook and Google to change its policies. A new economic policy will have to be formulated.
The draft will be tabled in Parliament by August 28 information was provided by Finance Minister Josh Friedeberg. This law will be converted by the end of the year. It is a long-standing complaint that information from traditional media is used on digital platforms without any payment. Initially, there was limited to the two companies, but in the future, the rule could be extended to other digital media as well.
The issue is now gaining political support in Australia. Will other countries use it after Australia? This too has received attention now.

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