Swami Agnivesh (age 80) passed away

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About Swami Agnivesh:

Swami Agnivesh (80), an international award-winning social activist Passed away. On the date of 11th September 2020.
He was born on September 21, 1939.

Life Journy of Swami Agnivesh:

He took sannyasadiksha of Arya Samaj in 1968.

He was founder of Bandhua Mukti Morcha.

Also, he was the author of the book ‘Vedic Socialism’.

He was the former education minister of Haryana and a leading figure of Arya Samaj.

In 1970 he formed a political party of this community called ‘Arya Sabha’. In 1977, he became an MLA in the Haryana Legislative Assembly and Minister of Education.

He founded in 1981, The ‘Bandhua Mukti Morcha’ has so far evacuated 1,78,000 people. For this work, he received the Alternative Nobel Prize in 2004.

He had taken part in the anti-corruption movement led by Anna Hazare in 2011.

Reference Used: Air News

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