Supreme Court Judgement on PM-CARES funds

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Key Points: On the date of the 18 August 2020 Supreme Court of India Judgment on PM-CARES fund. Central Government set up this PM Cares Funds. The aim was public charitable trust with the emergency posed by COVID-19. A Public Interest Litigation (Pil) was filed at the Supreme Court. By an NGO to seek to transfer the PM CARES Funds to (NDRF)National Disaster Response Fund.
Act of 2005, Under Section 46 National NDRF was established.
What is the Judgement of SC?
The Supreme Court maintains that organizations are free to contribute to the NDRF and there is no prohibition on such contribution. The court ruled that since the PM-CARUS Fund was established as a public charitable fund.
No, the direction could be issued by the court to transfer funds to the NDRF.
What is the Main Problem?
The government of India had brought in COVID-19 pandemic under National Disaster Management Act, 2005. COVID-19 was declared “Notified Disaster”. The main focus was to help the State Governments managing their funds and guide them in their countermeasures toward COVID-19. From PIL, The Fund of PM CARES was set up in violation of the Disaster Management ACT.
What is the reason for COVID-19 declared a ‘Notified Disaster’?
The purpose of this decision was to provide assistance to the states under (SDRF) State Disaster Relief Funds. In the act of 2005, Disaster Management State Disaster Relief Funds was established. The fund only used for disasters from states. For this COVID-19 was declared as a notified disaster.

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