Sudhir Dev Passed away on Oct 13

My book collection, ‘Magras’, an innovative book reading movement founded by Sudhir Deo. During this time an idea came to the experimental head of the gods. It was also named as ‘My Book Collection’.

The members of this ‘Magras’ used to collect as much money as they could at the end of the month and buy the books they wanted from it at the end of the year. Book lovers literally took this ingenious plan head on. Previously limited to Nagpur only, ‘Magras’ reached the corners of Maharashtra.

The gods themselves cycled for many years and gave these words to households. This book movement crossed the threshold of Maharashtra and reached Bhopal, Hyderabad and Delhi. Writers, actors, painters, singers, doctors, lawyers, engineers, journalists, professors from all walks of life had to be respected. ‘Magras’ has made a name for itself in the cultural world of Maharashtra by organizing a monthly meeting at a member’s house and then an annual meeting.

The movement, which has garnered good response and fame, was run by Dev till 2018 with the help of Aparna Dev and some dedicated colleagues. Sudhir Deo passed away on October 23 at the age of 83.

Reference: E paper Loksatta

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