Successful launch of Python 5 missile

Paython 5

The Tejas, a fifth-generation air-to-air Python 5 missile, has been upgraded to increase the lethality of indigenous Tejas fighter jets.

Tejas’ strength increased Tejas light aircraft has already deployed a ‘Beyond Visual Range’ missile, a ‘Derby’ that can hit from the air.

1) These tests were done in Goa.  The tests performed in extremely challenging conditions were successful.

2) Before the missile tests, the flights of the aircraft with the missiles were checked in Bangalore.  This time it was checked whether the missiles were sitting properly in the aircraft system and working properly.

3) Difference between the two missiles The Derby missile hit the target directly in the air, while the Python missile also completely hit its target.

The Python-5 missile was tested from all sides, including the ‘Beyond Visual Range’.

The combat utility of ‘Tejas’ :

1) Tejas is a light fighter aircraft manufactured by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited and has a single engine.

2) It is known as a multi-purpose and high speed fighter.

3) It is possible to use these aircraft in dangerous places.

4) Aircraft is useful for air support in air warfare and aggressive situations.

5) In February, the government signed an agreement worth Rs 48,000 crore with HAL.

Reference: Maharashtra Times

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