Successful flight of NASA helicopter to Mars

The United States is the first country to fly a helicopter on the planet. NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter successfully flew over Mars on April 19.

This was the first controlled flight of a helicopter on any planet. This performance has been dubbed the ‘Wright Brother Moment’.
The remains of a 1903 Wright Brothers plane were housed in a four-pound, 1.8-kilogram Ingenuity helicopter. A similar history took place at Kitty Hawk in North Carolina at the time. “We have succeeded in rotating the rotocraft on the planet,” said project manager Mimi Ang. Helicopter flight controllers from California said the helicopter was initially lifted as it should have jumped. It was then connected to the Perseverance rover at a distance of 200 feet or 65 meters.

The helicopter is worth ८ 8.50 crore.
Aung and his team worked tirelessly to make the helicopter fly 1.78 million miles (2.87 million kilometers) from Earth. NASA was expected to fly 40 seconds at a height of 10 feet or 3 meters, hovering for 30 seconds. All these expectations were met by this helicopter. It took six years to build the helicopter. Its height is 1.6 feet which is 0.5 meters. It includes batteries, heaters, sensors, tissue boxes etc. There are tools.

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