Strict rules for commercial use of ground water : National Green Tribunal

National Green Tribunal
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National Green Tribunal (NGT) has banned general permission to withdraw groundwater for commercial purposes without an EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment). The NGT has given a three-month time period to make a water management program for all areas.

Total Parsentage of water use in India :

1. Agriculture – 89%

2. Industries – 5%

What is the Important Point?

In the year of January 2019, National Green Tribunal set new rules for groundwater use. The Central Ground Water Authority (CGWA) issuing No Objection Certificate (NOC). 

What is National Green Tribunal :

NGT established on 18.10.2010 by The National Green Tribunal Act,2010. The Act fo Parliament of India enables the creation of a special tribunal to handle the expeditious disposal of the cases pertaining to environmental issues. Indian Constitution Article 21 protection of life and personal liberty, which assures the citizen of India the right to a healthy environment.

The Tribunal shall not be bounded by the code of Civil Procedure,1908, but shall be guided by principles of natural justice.

Places of NGT :

New Delhi is the Principal Place of Sitting of the Tribunal and Bhopal, Pune, Kolkata, and Chennai shall be other places.

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