Special Kisan Train

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To the farmers of the country in order to double the income of agricultural commodities by getting proper compensation, the Central Government announced ‘Special Kisan Train’. On 7th July 2020 this train left Deolai Nashik station in Maharastra at 11 am.

This is a weekly train. This can also include an economic budget. The train will arrive at Bihar Danapur Railway station. In order to deliver fresh vegetables, fruits, flowers, and fish from one state to another during the Corona crisis, this train was started from the Deoli station.
In the future, with the help of this train, grapes and onion from Maharashtra will be harvested. The central government intends to supply. Train from Bihar to Paan, Masala. The train will return with fresh vegetables and fish. The special train was launched after the joint efforts of the Ministry of Agriculture.

This transportation is also very expensive. but, of the frozen container in the Kisan train Being perishable. The farm will not go bad. The train works like running cold storage. The Ministry of Agriculture on the occasion he arrived. Rent under P’ category Assessment. Under Budget 2020. The finance minister had announced a national cold chain for the supply of perishable milk, meat, and fish.

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