Space X capsules return to Earth

Space X capsules | Image Source Google | By Nework times

Four astronauts from the space station returned to Earth on May 2, 2021 via the SpaceX Company’s Dragon Capsule. For the first time since the Apollo 8 mission in 1968, American astronauts landed on Earth in darkness.

The SpaceX capsule landed early in the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Panama City, Florida. The astronauts returned to Earth in six and a half hours from the International Space Station. This includes three Americans and one Japanese astronaut.

For the first time since Apollo 8, four astronauts returned to Earth. The SpaceX capsule landed in the Gulf of Mexico just before 3 p.m. The astronauts flew from the Resilience capsule in November. The astronauts returned to Earth from the same capsule. The campaign lasted 167 days.

NASA astronaut Mike Hopkins led the mission. These include NASA’s Victor Glover, Shannon Walker and Japanese space agency JAXA’s Noguchi. Holly Readings is NASA’s Chief Flight Director. The astronauts from NASA’s Apollo 8 space mission landed on December 27, 1968. Eight years later, a Soviet Russian capsule landed in a frozen lake in Kazakhstan in the dark with two astronauts.

Ref: Daily Maharashtra Times

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