Scientist Conrad Stephen

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He is known as a professor of geography and a nature lover. He really wanted to be an actor but Chadila asked him to look for a job. In fact, they’ve been researching forever.

Conrad Stephen died while studying climate change. The main part of it was climate change in Greenland. He noted that buffaloes in Greenland are melting rapidly due to climate change. He is the director of the Swiss Federal Institute for First, Snow, and Landscape Ross. He died after falling from a tree near a Swiss camp set up by him 30 years ago. Victims of climate change. Stephen was talking about the effects of climate change. He had persuaded the political leaders. However, he became the director of the Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research.

Scientist Conrad Stephen set up a network of 20 research centers in Greenland. According to him, Greenland will melt in 10,000 years, but until the Antarctic ice melts, it will take time to maintain snow cover.

Reference Used: E Paper Loksatta.

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