Russia has developed a vaccine against coronavirus: Vladimir Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin has claimed that Russia has developed a vaccine against coronavirus. He also said that Putin’s daughter had been given the dose. Russia Today reports that mass production of the vaccine will begin soon. They said this vaccine is optional. No one will be forced to take it. Initially, the vaccine will be given to health workers, doctors, and emergency services staff. After which the vaccine will be made available to all from January. Russia declared that this vaccine has passed all the important tests. Also, this vaccine works effectively. It boosts the human immune system. This vaccine was tested on humans in July. The vaccine will be tested on a large scale in August. The Russian direct investment fund, which controls vaccine research, has not commented. However, he denied reports that the vaccine could be ready imminently.

Indian Vaccine :
The Serum Institute of India in Pune will make this vaccine in 225 Rs. This vaccine is in the testing position.

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