Richest Actors of 2020: Fobs

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Fobs Topper Actors Image source Google | by – Forbes

1.Dwayne Johnson
The rock is on top of the list. He can earn 87.6 Million Doller. His Netflix upcoming film Red Notice.
2.Rayn Reynolds :
Reynolds is on second on the topper. He can earn 71.5 Million Doller.
3.Mark Wahlberg :
This is a thir millionor Actore. His earning is 58 Million Doller. He is a action comedy Spenser.
4.Ben Affleck :
Ben Affleck is in the fourth position. His earning is 55 Million Doller. He can be starring in The Way Back. And Netflix’s film The Last Thing He Wanted.
5.Vin Diesel :
Diesel is also under the top five actors. He can earn 54 Million Dollars. He can do acting as producer on the animated Netflix series Fast and Furious Spy Races.
6.Akshay Kumar :
This is one of the Bollywood stars in the top 10 Millionior. Akshaya earns 48.5 Million Doller. His first television series The End for Amazone Prime.
7.Line-Manuel Miranda :
He is a six positional Actor. He can earn 45.5 Million Dollars. His next film is In the Heights.
8.Will Smith :
Will Smith is in eight positions. He can earn 44.5 Million Dollars. His upcoming role in King Richard.
9.Adam Sandler :
Adam is in the ninth position. He can earn 42 Million Dollars. His Murder Mystery is one of the all-time hit films.
10.Jackie Chan :
Jackie is on the Tenth position under Top Ten. He can earn 40 Million Dollars. This is six decades of his career.

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