‘Renewable Energy Day’ 20 August 2020: India

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Akshay Urja Day has been celebrated on 20th August every year in India. Since 2004 on the initiative of the Union Ministry of New and Renewable Energy to mark the birthday of the late Rajiv Gandhi, former Prime Minister of India. On the occasion of the first Energy Day celebrated in India as ‘Akshay Urja Day’. Also to launch an effective campaign or to launch an effective public awareness campaign to use renewable energy sources.

The process of acquisition does not result in the loss of natural resources. Also, these energy sources are capable of providing an uninterrupted supply of energy. To generate electricity at present Conventional fuels such as coal, oil, natural gas, etc., which are needed, are declining day by day. It is also causing environmental problems like pollution and disturbing the ecosystem. This is why we need to focus on unconventional and recyclable energy. We still have a large amount of wood for cooking and other purposes in rural areas. This leads to deforestation; In addition, other

problems like smoke and illness arise. The use of unconventional energy will answer many problems. These include solar, wind, agricultural waste, water, organic waste, bio-waste and electricity already available. Proper use of such energy sources is a form of human-nature harmony. The Indian Postal Department also issued a special stamp. In the first year, Yanimita created a huge human chain of about 12,000 school children in the national capital, Delhi.

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