Quit India Movement 9th August 1942

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Quit India Movement 1942

The roar of ‘Leave India’ Chanted by Mahatma Gandhi at the Congress convention in Mumbai and the mantra ‘Karenge Ye Marange’ spread across the country on August 9. Therefore, the flame of revolution seemed to be lit on this day. Movements began across the country to oust British rule.
He was doing what everyone thought was right. British power was shaken. The British arrested Gandhiji and his family from Birla House in Mumbai at 5 am after receiving a tip-off from the previous night’s speech. At this point, Gandhiji gave a massage to the people, “Now everyone will be a leader.” The British had arrested all the congress leaders on the spot”. They were all shifted to Pune. The train was stopped at Chinchwad station and Mahatma Gandhi, Kasturba Gandhi, Mahadevbhai And Desai and Miraben were alighted and sent to a secret place. The rest were carried on. Although the government maintained secrecy, the news broke and strikes, processions, and marches spread across the Country. police started lathihalla, firing. But the people did not care.

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