Project Elephant: Suraksya

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Union Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar launched National Portal on Human-Elephant conflict known as “SURAKSHA”. This decision was taken on August 10, 2020.

Spotlight :
This is a celebration of the international annual World Elephant Day. World Elephant Day is celebrated every year on 12th August. The reason for celebrating this day is to create elephant conservation and share knowledge for better protection of wild captive elephants.

What is IUCN?
Asian Elephants are in the Red List for Endangered. Because. most of the Asian countries except India have lost elephant population. Total Asian Elephant no is 50.000 to 60,000.
IUCn – International Union for Conservation of Nature is an international organization. The work of this conservation is dada collecting, analysis, research, various projects, advocacy, and education.

Place: Gland, Switzerland

Founder: Julian Huxley

Founded on 5 October 1948.

Indian Elephant Position :
The elephant is the Natural Heritage Animal of India. Indian Elephants have been listed under Appendix I. Recently the conference of Parties of the convention of Migratory Species 13 in Gujarat in 2020.

When Started Elephant Project?
In 1992 The Ministry of Environment and Forest started The Project of Elephant. The aim is to the long-term survival of elephant populations in natural habitats. This project mostly preferences to the research in the management of elephants and providing veterinary care and conservation of local people.

Elephant Corridors :
The total Indian elephant corridor is 88.
North-Eastern India: 22
Northern West Bengal: 14
South India: 20
North-Western India: 12
Central India: 20

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