Pro. Pushpa Bhave passed away 3rd October

Senior social activists, progressive thinkers, influential speakers, writers, and student-friendly teachers Pro. Pushpa Bhave passed away. On the date of 03 October 2020. She was 81 years old.

Social Work of Pro. Pushpa Bhave

Pushpa Bhave has participated in almost all social movements in the last six decades. Reviewed the new era in the golden age of experimental drama. He made significant contributions to the social and literary spheres of Maharashtra.

His participation in the post-emergency political rallies of 1939-2020 was significant. He marched along with Ahilyatai Ranganekar and Mrinal Gore in the anti-inflation movement.

Pro. Pushpa Bhave Activity

He took an active part in the struggles of Dalit Panther, Eradication of Superstition, One Village One Water Movement, Hamal Panchayat, Devdasi Mukti, Feminist Movement, Namantar Movement and farmers, workers, tribals, Dalits.

Pro.Pushpa Bhave Educational Work

Pushpa Bhave not only taught the molded professors but also taught the students to see the world outside the books. Considering social commitment, asking questions, using discretion

He formed students and activists. Elphinstone then m. L. Dahanukar, Maharshi Dayanand, taught Chinese college. He later taught at Ruia College from 1972 to 1999.

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