Pranab Mukharji life

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Pranab Mukharji In Parliament :

July 1969: Rajya Sabha MP from February 1973 to January 1974.

Deputy Minister of Industrial Development at the Center. January 1974 to October 1974.

Union Deputy Minister of Shipping and Transport.

October 1974 to December 1975. Union Minister of State for Finance.

July 1975: For the second time in the Rajya Sabha.

December 1975 to March 1977 Minister of State for Revenue and Banking at the Center (Independent workload)

1978-1980. Congress Deputy Leader in Rajya Sabha.

1978 to 1986 and 1997 to 2012: Member of the Congress Executive Committee.

1978 to 1979: Congress Vice President. January 1980 to January 1982:

Minister of Steel and Mines, Commerce.

1980-1985: Leader of the Rajya Sabha.

August 1981: Third time in Rajya Sabha

January 1982-December 1984: Additional charge of Commerce and Supplies Department.

Pranab Mukharji’s Awards :

1984: Euromoney magazine’s Best Finance Minister of the World award.

1997: Best Member of Parliament.

2008: Padma Vibhushan

2010: Finance Minister of the Year for Asia. (Pride from two international organizations) 2011: Delit (Vallabh Hampton University)

2012: Delete (Visvesvaraya Technology)

University and Assam University) 2013: Honorable Mention by the Government of Bangladesh

Pranab Mukharji’s Doctorate :

2013: Bangladesh’s second place ‘Mukti Juda’ honor

2013: Doctor of Civil Law (Mauritius)

2019: Bharat Ratna honors

Bibliography of Pranab Mukharji

1969: Midterm polls

1984: Beyond Survival: Imaging Dimensions Of Indian Economy

1992: Challenges before the Nation.

1992: Saga of Struggle and Sacrifice.

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