Pinak missile successfully launched by India

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The Defense Research and Development Organization has transferred Pinak to the Director-General of Missile Quality Transfer. The transfer took place at ARDE, an arms research and development institute in Pune. Miscellaneous production establishments

The success of the Pinnacle missile, launcher battery command post, and other important products as well as the quality assurance process.

Structure of Pinak Missile:

The Pinak missile has a range of 37 km. Kilometers. Pinaka missiles are fired from a multi-barrel rocket launcher capable of firing 12 missiles in 44 seconds.

The DRDO Laboratory in Pune and ARDE in collaboration with other organizations in the field of defense have designed and developed this system. The Pinak missile is currently in mass production at Ordnance Factories, Bharat Electronics, Bharat Earthmover, Tata Power, and L&T Defense.

Reference Used: Air News

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