Optical Fiber Project: Andaman Nikobar

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Indian government started Optical Fiber Project set up under the sea. The date of starting this project is 10, August 2020. Internet services like Blair to Swaraj Islands will be connected to each other the distance.

Previous Development :

Broadband services in the Union Territory of Nicobar will increase. On the date of December 30, 2018, the foundation was laid for an underwater optical fiber project. Chennai to Port Blair, Port Blair to Little Andaman port.

What is the Optical fiber Project :

The total cost of this project is 1224 crore. This project will connect Swaraj Island (Havelock), Long Island, Rangat, Little Andaman, Comorata, Car Nicobar, and Greater Nicobar. The Prime Minister said the Andaman and Nicobar Islands would benefit from modern telecommunication connectivity. All telecommunication suppliers in the country will be able to offer services there. Optical fiber connects Andaman and Nicobar with other countries. The internet speed in Port Blair is 400 gigabytes per second and other islands the internet speed is 200 gigabytes per second.
The Andaman Islands and Chennai are connected by optical fiber and the project has been completed ahead of time.

BSNL has been laying underground cables for 24 months. The project will provide 4G services, distance education, distance medicine, remote administration. This will provide education to millions of children on the islands and solve their mobile and internet problems.

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