Oil spill in the southeastern coastal region of Mauritius: Indian Mission ‘SAGAR’

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India sends 30 tonnes of technical equipment and supplies to Mauritius by Indian Air Force aircraft to contain oil spills.
A contingent of 10 members of the Indian Coast Guard also visited Mauritius.

What is the help of India?
Indian country dispatched 30 tonnes of technical equipment and material on the 16 August 2020. The material sends away rot c-17 Globmaster Indian Air Force. Priminister Narendra Modi’s tag line is ‘Sagar’ ‘Security and Growth for All in the Region.

What does the Incident happen?

A Japanese ship on a rock off the southeast coast of Mauritius. Thousands of tons of oil are being spilled in an environmentally sensitive area.
On July 26, a bulk carrier ship named MV Vacashio sailed on the reef at Point D’Sunny, southeast of Mauritius. Messrs. Okio Maritime Corporation/ Nagashiki Shipping Limited’s 300-meter longship bound for Brazile. Although there was no freight on board, there was about 4000 metric tons of fuel are available. The strong flowers of the sea made it impossible to get the oil out of the oil. The Mauritius government had to declare an environmental emergency after realizing oil spills and breaches in containers. Indian Oil (Mauritius) Limited would extend all possible assistance to the government of that country. Then in August IOML moved its BreastStar to the site. This step was taken to help in all possible ways.
On August 10, about 1,000 tons of oil were extracted from the intact tanks.
Which equipment send by India?
Ocean Booms, River Booms, disc Skimmers, Heli Skimmers, Powerpack, Inflators, Blowers, Salvage barge, and 10000 Oild absorbent pads. ICG has dispatched a 10 member Technical Response Team. This team is specially trained by oil spill containment measures. IAF has also sent 10,000 high capacity oil absorbent pads. These can be specially procured of carbon.

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