October 15 is Reading Inspiration Day

Former President of India and scientist Dr. A.P.J.  October 15 is celebrated as ‘Reading Inspiration Day’ on the occasion of Abdul Kalam’s Memorial Day. 

Books are visited on this day.  Meetings, lectures, speeches, seminars, group readings, various competitions etc. are organized.  Dr. Abdul Kalam made great efforts to realize the dream of an advanced India.  While he was a scientist, he wrote the book ‘India-2020’ in 1996.  The planning board worked on it.  He wrote a total of 24 inspirational books.  He believed that the dream of a new India would be created by teachers and students.  Reading Inspiration Day is important as a student and teacher.  Dr.  A.P.  J.  Abdul Kalam has also been honored with the Bharat Ratna award.