Nokia selects first cellular network on the moon

NASA has chosen Nokia to make it. NASA’s goal is to take a manned trip to the moon by 2024 and spend a long vacation there. The first wireless broadband communication system will be installed in the lunar surface space by the end of 2022.

Previous Work of Nokia

Nokia company has also entered into an agreement with a private spacecraft design company in Texas. NASA’s goal is to bring Nokia’s tools and materials to the moon by 2024.
Initially 4-G / LTE system will be installed; But the goal will be 5-G. Space passengers will be able to communicate through voice and video. With the introduction of telemetry and biometric data exchanges and other robotic devices, including rovers, hi we will use 4G networks remotely instead of 5G. NASA has paid Rs 103 crore to Nokia for this work.

Nokia had earlier planned to launch a cellular network at the Apollo 17 landing site in 2018 in partnership with a German space company and Vodafone UK; But it could not be completed.

What is the purpose of the Artemis program?

NASA under Artemis program till 2024

The first female astronaut to land on the moon. There will also be male astronauts. The lunar surface will be studied in detail with the help of up-to-date technology. The secrets of many other parts of the moon will be known. People’s trips will be taken to the moon. There will be a long stay on the moon to spend the holiday.

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