Nobel Prize in Literature 2020 to American poet Louis Gluck

The Nobel Prize in Literature has been awarded to Louis Gluck, an American poet who has given a global dimension to autobiography. Gluk is known as one of the most important poets to compose a series of poems about the events of his life in the 1960s when the smoke of rebellion and innovation was rising in literature and journalism.

About the Nobel Prize

The announcement was made by Swedish Academy Permanent Secretary Mats Mam in Stockholm on Thursday. The prize money is more than 10 US dollars.

In 1968, he was named Firstborn in the United States
Entered the poetic circle through the collection. This collection of poems caught the attention of critics. After her 1975 book, The House on Marsland, she became known as one of the most important poets in the country.

In the 112-year history of the Nobel Prize, the novelist has dominated the literary prize. Very few American poets received this award. She is the 16th woman to win the Nobel Prize. Born in New York in 1943, Gluck recounted even simple moments of his family’s joys and sorrows. Observing all aspects of life in a skewed way, he wrote poems linking childhood and youth with Greek myths. His poetry began while dealing with the anorexia nervosa of childhood. He sharpened his style by creating humorous jokes from poetry.

He described the state of mind of the American people after the 9/11 attacks in his epic poem ‘October’.

Literature by Louis Gluck

Firstborn (1968), The House on Marshland (1975), The Garden (1976), The Descending Figure (1980), The Triumph of Shells (1985), Arrowroot (1990), The Wild Iris (1992), Proofs and Theory: Essays on Poetry (1994), The First Four Books of Poems (1995), Midlands (1996), Vita Nova (1999), The Seven Ages (2001), October (2004), Evening (2006), The Village Life (2009). ), Poems 1962-2012 (2012), Faithful and Virtual Night (2014), American Originality: Essays on Poetry (2017).

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