New Schemes launches on Independence day 2020

The day celebrates freedom form years of oppression under British rule.
On History August 15, 1947, India had achieved independence.
PM Narendra Modi applauded frontline workers. They helping to fight against coronavirus. He said that India goes through a unique phase owing to the pandemic. The most important thing they said, now make India self-reliant, this is a mantra for all countrymen. Prim Minister launched a National digital Health Mission: This is a revolution in India’s health sector. Also, he said, every Indian will now get a health ID. He said one slogan that Not only Makes in India but also Makes for the world. In the Red Fort, this ceremony was held. That time 4,000 people, including officials, media personnel, diplomats. Police have been awarded President’s Medal: Today 15 August 2020 Independence Day police have been awarded various categories and Presiden’s Medal. Five senior officers have been awarded President’s Medal and 39 have been awarded ‘Police Medal’ for commendable service. 215 police personnel from across the country will be awarded the Presiden’s Police Medal for bravery and unparalleled service to 80 officers. 631 people have been selected for meritorious service this year. Project Lion: This project is for involving the conservation of Asiatic Lions. The main aim is habitat Technology. This project address Human-Wildlife conflict. This can be involving local communities living closer to lion landscapes. The project will involve livelihood opportunities for these people. Project Lion mostly focuses on the health of the lion. And provide standard care for lion. In January 2020 a total of 92 lions was dead. The reason was (CDV) Canine Distemper Various. Asian Lion Conservation Project: This was launched in the first term of the NDA government. This project approved by the Ministry of Environment, Forest, and climate change. For this project Rs, 97.85 crores were allocated. Project Dolphin: This project launched to conserve and protect the Dolphin. This project is to involve fisherman and other population that is dependent on their livelihood. Mainly this project focus on Gangetic Dolphins. These dolphins declare a National aquatic animal in 2010. This project work under many ministry’s. Ministry of Jal Shakti, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of farmer welfare, Ministry of shipping, ministry of fisheries, shipping animal husbandry, Ministry of power, Ministry of rural development. In India 3,700 Gangetic Dolphins in India. Project Status: The Gangetic Dolphins have been declared ‘Endenjar’ under the IUCN Red List. They are listed under CITES Appendix – 1 :
The Gangetic Dolphins have been classified under Schedule -1 of Wildlife Protection Act, 1972. Only one Sanctuary in India is the Vikramshila Genetic Dolphin Sanctuary. Asiatic Lion Reintroduction Project: It is an initiative of the Indian Government to safeguard Asiatic Lion from the extension. In this project, Asiatic Lions are to be introduced in Kuni Wildlife Sanctuary in Madhya Pradesh. Previous Asiatic Lion population found in Gir National park of Gujarat.

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