New Revenue structure in Maharashtra State

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About Revenue Structure:

The new revenue structure will be implemented in the Maharashtra state. After nearly eight decades and now in Satbara. About 12 types of changes will be made. Unique codes for each village, government logos with watermarks on each of the seven bars, and QR codes will be the hallmarks of the seven bars.

History of Revenue Structure :

1.In the Period of British. The composition, created by Hartnell Anderson, includes 1941.

2.M.J.Desai had made the amendments.

New changes in Revenue Structure:

1. Giving a separate code number to each village and account holder, important changes are being made in the Village Sample No. 7 Rights Record Sheet.

2. New changes in the Satbara Utara would bring transparency in land affairs in the state and help reduce land revenue disputes.

Reference Used: Air News

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