New Android 11 Launch

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About Android 11 Launch:

Android 11 version has finally been launched. Initially available only on Google’s Pixel smartphones, the New version will be available on other smartphones in the coming weeks.

Being claimed with the launch of Android 11, many smartphone companies like Oppo and Xiaomi.

What is the Features of Android 11:

1.Screen recording: Activity on the screen will be recorded.

2.Swipe screen in two parts:

A) After swiping the screen, the screen will be divided into two parts like notification
B)WhatsApp, other messages, so there will be no interruption in reading the message.

3.Smart home device: Smart control can be used by pressing the power button for a longer period of time, Smart folder

4.Security: Once an app is informed about location and storage, it can be applied to everyone else.

Reference Used: E-Paper Sakal

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