NCC is an optional subject: New Education Policy

Students will have the right to choose the subject as the new education policy has awarded a selection-based ranking system. So NCC to be an optional subject.

ere will be no technical difficulties. Sports and Youth Welfare Minister Sunil Kedar has clarified. Students will turn to NCC as it is an optional subject.

This course, which teaches discipline and patriotism, can be of great benefit to the students. They can also avail various government schemes for employment. The subject will be awarded 24 credits in six sessions. These students will also be able to get NCC’s ‘B’ and ‘C’ certificates.
The NCC course will be taught to students in six sessions. It has eight credits in six sessions for theory, six credits for demonstrations and 10 credits for two camps. In this, students will be taught discipline, exercise as well as map reading, weapon training, social service etc.

References: Air News

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