Nasa launch a spacecraft on Mars mission: Spacecraft ‘Perseverance’

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Why this month chouse to space mission by many countries?
United State and China have sent their own aircraft in the past month. Also, Saudi Arabia has also sent its own aircraft from Japan for the Mars mission. This situation is good for the space Mars mission. The distance from Mars to the Sun is about 25 million kilometers. So, 150 million kilometers from the earth. Every twenty-six months this gap will decrease. This distance is reduced by about two and a half crore kilometers. This is a suitable period for space missions to Mars. This distance is important to save fuel.

What is Spacecraft ‘Perseverance’ Project?
The United State of America launched the spacecraft Perseverance on July 30 and will land on Mars of February 18 next year. Nero vehicle will land in a ditch. In this Nero 23 various cameras and also two microscopes for searching. This Pseuverance spacecraft is carrying a small helicopter Ingenuity.

What is the Oxigen tool?

The most important of this is the formation of oxygen tools. The oxygen content of the Martian atmosphere is less than 0.2 percent. Attempts will be made to convert carbon dioxide into oxygen. This will be a test to create oxygen for future human missions.

Moxie to breath oxygen:
Mars Oxygen in Situ Resource Experiment (MOXIE) NASA’s Perseverance Buggy has been taken. This is a small robot. Like a tree, Moxi will be taken in carbon dioxide and produce oxygen from it. It is designed to withstand a rare atmosphere on Mars.

How the oxygen is formed?
Moxie devices will be taken the carbon dioxide gas. Under this device, oxygen and carbon monoxide decomposed. This process produces 99.2 percent pure oxygen. It will release oxygen. If the currently shipped device works at full capacity, ten grams of oxygen will be produced in an hour. In the year of 2021 February, 18 Moxy will begin its work.

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