NASA: Astronauts returns back safely

Two Unites States astronauts came back safely. The name of astronauts is Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley. They were sent to the International Space Station two months ago to return to the Earth. They completed a Twenty-one hour overnight journey. This program is one joint program. Collaboration with Space-X. This company is the owner is Elon Musk. The Crew Dragon designed nad operated by Space-X. The fight test can stay in orbit for about 110 days.

The journey of Mission :
This Mission started on 30th May 2020 at 3:22 pm. Kennedy Space Center in Florida a rocket launched. Space X Falcon 9 rocket carrying the Crew Dragon spacecraft and lanched.

Important Objectives :
1. Falcom 9 launch vehicle, Crew Dragon spacecraft, launch pad 39A with operations capabilities.
2. Mr. Behnke and Mr. Hurley will handle the completed Crew Dragon for two-manual flight tests.
3. The astronauts on board will take whether the Crew dragon will work perfectly. The need for spacecraft’s automated flight will arise.
3. The Demon-2 mission is a partnership with Elon Musk’s Space-X.
Crew Dragon for an operational, long-duration mission to the space station.
The capsule will land in the Gulf of Mexico on Sunday Afternoon and is returning after a two-month hiatus. The Gulf of Mexico has been chosen to land this capsule, as there is a tropical storm off the coast of Florida. 28 thousand km per hour. Fast journey.
4. The Dragon spacecraft is now named Endeavor and will reach a speed of 28,000 km per hour as it approaches Earth. It will have to come down to 760 km per hour until it reaches the atmosphere. After that, when the capsule falls into the ocean its speed will be 24 km per hour. on returning the temperature of the spacecraft will be 1900 degrees Celsius.
On July 24, 1975, NASA astronauts lands in the Pacific Ocean.

Conclusion :

1. Elon Musk’s Space-X has the first private company to complete this mission.
2.After completing this mission Crew Dragon Spacecraft along with both the astronauts splashed safely on Florida’s Pensacola coast.

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