Naga Independent Day celebrated in Nagaland and Manipur

74 the Naga Independent Day was celebrated in the state of Nagaland and Manipur. On the date of 14 August 2020.
Key Point: In the Nagaland, the day celebrating by the students by hosting Naa National Flag. A section of Naga leaders is continuing the movement claiming sovereignty.
Nagaland Statehood Day :
On December 1 Nagaland celebrates its Statehood Day. The state was carved out of Assam in 1963. This is the 16th state of the country.
History of Independent Day:
1947 India became independent from British rule. That time Nagas under the Naga National council. They wished to remain free. It can be conducted a Plebiscite in 1951 where 99.99% voted for Naga Independence. In the year of 1952 and 1957 Naga not participate in the general elections. The Bordoloi and Hydari Agreement were not implemented by Naga.
Hydari Agreement :
This is a nine-point agreement. That was signed in Kohima. In the year of June 1947. The Governor of Assam was Sir Akbar Hydri. This agreement was done by both Nagas and Hydari.
What is the Agreement?
Civil or criminal cases arising in the region of Naga Hills. That disposed of by Naga Court.
District officers took Agriculture, CWD, Education, and Forest. This can be appointed as a representative as Nagas.
The term of the agreement is no single law shall be passed by the Central Legislature.
Without the consense of the Naga council, the Land shall not be alienated.
Naga council is responsible for imposition, collection, and expenditure of land revenue.
On the Arms act, The Deputy commissioner is acted.
Chin Hills shall remain in force.
The period of this agreement was 10 year

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