Mrs. Indian UK won : Dr. Smita Prashan Mohite

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In the Mrs. Indaia Uk beauty pageant for Indian married women in England, a Marathi woman doctor and Snush from Sangi District, Maharastra state. Dr. Smita Prashant Mohite won the toss. In the recently concluded competition, she won the crown of Mrs. India Uk 2020.
A resident of Soholi in Kadegaon Taluka Dist. Sangli. Dr. Prashant Mohite has been working as a heart and lung transplant specialist in London for the last 10 years. His wife, Dr. Smita Mohite is also working as an oncologist in London. The AGOL Group in London hosts the competition every year organizes. This year the competition was held in three months due to Corona. Dr. Smita Mohite was also honored with the Mrs. India UK award on August 16 in a special ceremony. Dr. Dhule, She is the daughter of Bhalchndrea Pawar and Usha Pawar.

Reference : Daily News Paper sakal

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