China launches anti-aircraft missile in South China Sea

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Missile texting at sea by China. Although this was done as part of a naval exercise, the main purpose was to respond to the US.
China has accused US planes of spying in the disputed are. China’s claims in the South And East China Seas have been rejected by neighboring contries.
China had fired part of its missiles between Hainan Province and Paracel Islands. The DF-26 dual-capacity A missile. This agreement was reached between the United States and Russia at the end of the Cold War. The United States withdrew from the deal last year.

What is Indian strategy? In future Indian government will approve the proposal to purchase two Israeli-made Falcon airborne warning and control systems in the wake of the ongoing border dispute with China.

What is a AWACS?
This is a radar system that is essential in air warfare. India has the previous three Falcon AWACS. Their Surveillance capacity is 360 degrees. Apart from this, India has two Xs built by DRDo. Thea surveillance capacity is only 240 is of degrees. China has 28 and Pakistan has 7 AWACS systems.

Reference Used : E-paper Lokmat

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