May 2, 1921 Savarkar released from Andaman prison

Vinayak Damodar Savarkar

      Swatantryaveer Vinayak Damodar Savarkar was released on conditional release on May 2, 1921 after serving ten years of rigorous imprisonment in the Adaman black water.  Today marks the 100th anniversary of this event.  However, Savarkar was imprisoned in Ratnagiri along with his brother Ganesh Vinayak alias Babarao Savarkar.  He was released in 1924 but was barred from leaving Ratnagiri district and forced not to participate in political activities.  These restrictions were lifted in 1937.

In 1914, during the First World War, the British government granted independence to India.  He pleaded that the revolutionaries would help Britain in this war if given a majority in the central legislature.  He also expressed readiness to keep me alone in the Andamans and release all other political prisoners.  You are not just trying to get rid of yourself.  This is what he showed through this.  He testified that the government should also ban its active politics, we will only do social work.  In his book My Transportation for Life, Savarkar mentions all these letters in detail.  In the social reforms carried out by Savarkar after his release, the language purification movement, the purification process of converting converts to Hinduism, entered the temple at Patitana, and proved that the petition for release was not hollow.

References : News on Air

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